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What is the Défi sans auto solo?

The Défi sans auto solo is a friendly competition between Quebec companies and institutions that is intended as a way to educate employees, students and citizens across Quebec on the use of sustainable transportation. To stand out, the participating organizations are encouraging their staff and student community to reduce their solo car trips. Whether through active transportation, public transit or even teleworking, the Challenge is an opportunity for participants to discover sustainable mobility or to become ambassadors of their sustainable mode of transportation to their colleagues.


Raise awareness among
Quebecers to 
test sustainable modes of transportation



Raise awareness among Quebecers who already use a sustainable mode of transportation



Raise awareness among Quebecers to the benefits of alternative modes of transportation


In Quebec, the transportation sector alone is responsible for 44.8% of the province's greenhouse gas emissions (MELCC, 2018). Encouraging the use of sustainable modes of transport is an effective way to respond to climate change by reducing GHG emissions, in addition to improving air quality, reducing air and noise pollution, congestion roads, the formation of heat islands, etc.


Sustainable transportation also offers many benefits, both for employees and students and for organizations: saving money, reducing stress levels, improving health status, improving productivity and reducing the rate of loss. absenteeism, to name a few examples. 

Why participate in the Challenge?

 As an organization

 As an employee or student 

You position yourself as a leader in sustainable mobility.

You encourage healthy lifestyles in an innovative way by integrating them into home-work mobility.


You participate in a friendly, unifying and festive inter-company competition.

Choose to contribute to the success of your organization in the Défi sans auto solo.

Choose the transport solution that will best meet your needs (bus, carpooling, walking, cycling, telecommuting).

Choose to contribute to a healthier environment and participate in the reclamation of city streets. 

 As an elected official or decision-maker 

You have the power to inspire your community.

Become an ambassador of sustainable mobility by taking the Challenge without a solo car as well as by inviting your community to join forces with you.

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainable transportation solutions, healthy lifestyles and the environment.

For 12 years, more than:

The Challenge in numbers




kilometers traveled


kg of GHG saved

The Défi sans auto solo team

Started in 2009 from an initiative of Roulons VERT, the Travel Demand Management Centre of Mauricie et du Centre-du-Québec, the Défi sans auto solo is now carried by the Association of Travel Demand Management Centers of Quebec (ACGDQ), which brings together eight Travel Demand Management (TDM) centers across the province.

Supported by the Ministère des Transports du Québec, these organizations are tasked with supporting employers, institutions and municipalities in the area of sustainable mobility. The TDMs offer transport consulting expertise and offer solutions to reduce the use of solo cars.

To contact the TDM in your region, visit

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