The Défi sans auto solo

Born in 2009 form an initiative of Roulons Vert, the travel management centre of Mauricie–Centre du Québec, the Défi sans auto solo is brought to you today by the Association des Centres de gestion des déplacements du Québec.

The Défi sans auto solo challenge is a friendly competition between organizations and institutions in Quebec. Its goal is to sensibilize students, workers and citizens all around Quebec about sustainable mobility. 


Whether by walking, running, cycling, carpooling, using public transit or even skateboarding, this challenge is an opportunity for students, workers, and political actors to get to work or their study place by a sustainable mean of transportation.

Stay tuned for the start of 2019 registrations !


Public and active transports offer many advantages as much for employees and students as for organizations. Some examples are: reduction of costs for organizations, reduce of stress level, benefits on health, increase of productivity, less absence in work or school, etc.. 

Furthermore, the Défi sans auto solo also adresses the environmental issue of GES emission. In fact, in Quebec, the transport sector is responsible for around 40 % of them. To promote sustainable mobility is contributing to generate positive impacts in terms of environnemental measures such as: reduction of GES emission, increase of air quality, decrease of congestion, decrease of air and noise pollution, urban heat islands, etc..

The Défi sans auto solo has three objectives:

Bring awareness to the use of sustainable transports for Quebecers. 



Bring awareness to Quebecers who already use sustainable transports.



Bring awareness on the benefits of sustainable mobility.


Why participate ?

As an organization or enterprise

Position yourself as a leader in sustainable mobility.

Promote healthy and active living in an innovative way by integrating to the family-work mobility reality. 


Participate in a friendly, festive and gathering inter-organizations competition.

As an employee or student

Choisir de contribuer au succès de votre organisation au Défi sans auto solo.

Choisir la solution transport qui répondra le mieux à vos besoins (autobus, covoiturage, marche, vélo, télétravail).

Choisir de contribuer à un environnement plus sain et participer à la réappropriation des rues de la ville. 

As an elected official or decision-maker

You have the ability to influence your community.

Become an ambassador of sustainable mobility by participating to the Défi and promote it.​

Show your commitment toward sustainable mobility, healthy ways of living and the environment. 

About the 2018 edition


registered organizations


employees or students involved

More than 300 000 employees and students targeted by the campaign !